Casper DeFi Post Mortem After Casper Token Hack — PART 2

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3 min readAug 9, 2021


We Got Him!

We’re extremely glad to make this post, not many project’s who got hacked can say this but… Ladies & Gents We Got It. Casper DeFi has recovered $190,383 USDC from our hacker known as “MikeEther”. Mike had sold all the stolen funds to BTC which spiked in price, which made us receive more then he stolen.


That’s a good question, Mike sent me a message on Aug 7th at 9:06AM EST saying “Hello Mate” & “I will return the money”.

This was a huge shock to us, because 9/10 hackers never return the money. Our Team also was able to find his real full name, address, family, phone number, place of work & more. We’re also not finished, If you’re wondering which wallet did Mike send the stolen BTC? Not a Ledger, not a Trezor, not even a hot wallet.. He sent it to a CEX. Mike later on sent us 4 BTC & .35 BTC the next day due the using the daily limit on a CEX.

Why Did He Steal?

We all want to know, why do criminals do what they do? We’ll let Mike answer this one:

Mike told us that he actually didn’t make the contracts. Instead he hired “” & they created the contract, hacked CASPER & then sent him the money. We’ll let you believe what you want..

What’s Next For Mike?

We agreed not to finish our FBI report if he returns the funds, which he did (He return more). So we’re going to keep a close eye on him & warn everyone about him, but Mike wants one more thing..

Mike want’s a job folks. We’re not going to hire, well for you know hacking CASPER & all.

What’s Next For Holders?

Because we got the fund back everything changes, we’re going to still create a new token & launch it on CasperPad. We’re also going to airdrop all holders before the hack new tokens. On top of that we’re going to return everyone money for LP pairs. For example if you had SPIRIT-CASPER we’re going to refund you the usdc value of SPIRIT at the time of the hack. We’re still getting the snapshot & it will take some time.

What’s The Next Release?

We’re going to release the Casper Tracker first, then CasperPad w/the new token. While you wait feel free to join our discord & have a couple of laughs cause we’re never going to forget this.



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